Digital​ - do you feel like it is impossible to keep track of the world of digital and how is it disrupting the tourism industry ? Is your website and facebook page an add on to what you do, or is your business truly digitally led. Organisations that don't rip up the old model and adapt a digitally first strategy may not grow in the next 10 years. Many leading organisations are considering the impact of "human 2 human" is having on their business. Are you ? 

Our skills and experience gives us particular strength in 

  • Working with tour operators, airlines & tourist boards                                  
  • Partnership marketing
  • Launching PR campaigns and promotions on a small budget
  • Creating itineraries & new products
  • Launching and building a business
  • Crisis management
  • Marketing destinations & launching new ones
  • Social media & digital advertising
  • Programmatic

Sales and Distribution ​- this is the core area of Representation. Unless your Strategy, Brand and Marketing is spot on, the best Representation company cannot succeed.

If you need a short burst of activity or an extension of your office overseas, we can offer a solution that will help you make more money.  

We are a flexible organisation that seeks to help tourism organisations improve - be that through Strategy, Brand & Marketing, Sales & Distribution or digital alignment.

We work across B2B, B2C and H2H.

​Call us on +44203 289 1804 to discuss.

Public speaking / Panel discussions / Crisis management  - we also do a select number of annual public speaking engagements where we address a conference, strategic review meeting or training session to infuse new thinking, and encourage debate. We have been key speakers for Barbados Hotel & Travel Association, Federation of Tour Operators (UK), Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), Marcus Evans Branding Seminar (Barcelona), Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), Surrey University, and Bournemouth University.   

Strategy - ever felt that you needed to stop and review your business. Has the needs or expections of your customer changed - do you need to re-align your business. Are there new customers that you could be attracting. Getting experienced professionals to look at your business with a new perspective is always useful. When Haiti was re-launching their tourism product after 30 years, their chose us to help them focus on the right niche.   

Brand and Marketing ​- what do your customers think of your brand. Does this align with what you attended ? Is your customer base large and profitable enough ? What is your market share ? Where in the product life cycle are you ? Is it time to launch a new product ? Is it time to find a new set of customers for your existing product ?  

Do you get your share of voice ? Is your cost per acquisition reasonable ?

If you have one or several of these questions in your head, we can help you ?