Digital​ - do you feel like it is impossible to keep track of the world of digital and how is it disrupting the tourism industry ? Is your website and facebook page an add on to what you do, or is your business truly digitally led. Organisations that don't rip up the old model and adapt a digitally first strategy may not grow in the next 10 years. Many leading organisations are considering the impact of "human 2 human" is having on their business. Are you ? 

Brand and Marketing ​- what do your customers think of your brand. Does this align with what you attended ? Is your customer base large and profitable enough ? What is your market share ? Where in the product life cycle are you ? Is it time to launch a new product ? Is it time to find a new set of customers for your existing product ?  

Do you get your share of voice ? Is your cost per acquisition reasonable ?

If you have one or several of these questions in your head, we can help you ? 

Public speaking / Panel discussions / Crisis management  - we also do a select number of annual public speaking engagements where we address a conference, strategic review meeting or training session to infuse new thinking, and encourage debate. We have been key speakers for Barbados Hotel & Travel Association, Federation of Tour Operators (UK), Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), Marcus Evans Branding Seminar (Barcelona), Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), Surrey University, and Bournemouth University.   

Sales and Distribution ​- this is the core area of Representation. Unless your Strategy, Brand and Marketing is spot on, the best Representation company cannot succeed.

If you need a short burst of activity or an extension of your office overseas, we can offer a solution that will help you make more money.  

Strategy - ever felt that you needed to stop and review your business. Has the needs or expections of your customer changed - do you need to re-align your business. Are there new customers that you could be attracting. Getting experienced professionals to look at your business with a new perspective is always useful. When Haiti was re-launching their tourism product after 30 years, their chose us to help them focus on the right niche.   

We are a flexible organisation that seeks to help tourism organisations improve - be that through Strategy, Brand & Marketing, Sales & Distribution or digital alignment.

We work across B2B, B2C and H2H.

​Call us on +44203 289 1804 to discuss.

Our skills and experience gives us particular strength in 

  • Working with tour operators, airlines & tourist boards                                  
  • Partnership marketing
  • Launching PR campaigns and promotions on a small budget
  • Creating itineraries & new products
  • Launching and building a business
  • Crisis management
  • Marketing destinations & launching new ones
  • Social media & digital advertising
  • Programmatic