The Dominican Republic is believed to be one of the most diverse Caribbean countries with waterfalls, caves, cenotes, endemic birds, and the tallest mountain in the Caribbean (and 2.5 times taller than Ben Nevis). 

Santo Domingo the capital was establish in 1496 (east of river) and 1502 (west of the river) is home to the first University, first hospital, first cathedral, first castle, first monastery and first fortress in the America's. The food and music (merengue and bachata) is magical and the people are friendly and fun. Did I forget to mention the coconut palm fringed soft sand beaches ?

We believe that you should #ExperienceDominicanRepublic beyond the beach similar to what is outlined above. We will launch B2B tours starting July 2018 after a trip to the Dominican Republic in June. 

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..I have just returned from the Dominican Republic on the 22nd June 2018. Wow ! Wow ! Wow! The country has so much to offer. Our focus will be on tailormade tours for couples and families as well as fixed departure tours. We are meeting with 11 UK tour operators in July and aim to also meet with other key tour operators in Europe and Canada.

Key pillars of each tour will be

History - Colonial zone of Santo Domingo, a UNESCO world heritage site and a city of "Firsts" in the Dominican Republic -  university, hospital, paved street and more. A magical area of just 1 square mile allows you to explore, shop, dine and dance for 2-3 days.

Culture -  Spanish, Haitian and African influence bring you merengue, Catholism, vudu (popular religion). Domino's is a past time and baseball a quasi religion. You must visit Merengue town and learn from the great grand son of the father of merengue and then go back to Santo Domingo to try it out your new understanding of the rhythm and the 3 key instruments.

Nature - the mountains, waterfalls, cenotes, rivers, birds, giant iguana, rain forests, flora and fauna make your mistake the experience as one expected in Costa Rica. Los Haities National Park and Valle Neuvo are a must visit. And the large concentration of humb back whales in Samana is a seasonal must experience. Birding is spectacular for the amateur and professional with 28 endemics and over 300 species.

Cuisine - Where do I start ? A tour can allow you to experience different food and fruit every day. Dont eat in your hotel, our tours take you out for lunch and dinner every day. You will try mangu, queso frito, yanigueue, mofongo, and halou. Plus you can enjoy the sweetest pineapple, mango, and papaya.

People - we do slow tours which allow you to meet different people who are happy and friendly, and the best way for an immersive cultural expereince. 

Hotels - we have a mix of eco lodges in stunning isolated discussions, and more modern small hotels and guest houses. We also have a glamping site next to a 1 miles long isolated beach within a nature reserve.