Your Tourism Partner was launched in 2008 after Jean-Marc had his first baby, had worked in both the private sector and public sector in the UK and Sri Lanka, and there was a burning desire to bring a private sector approach to destination marketing.  Derek joined the organisation in 2015 and brought a wealth of experience and a new perspective . Together, they have over 60 years of experience working in 5 continents, and have worked with / as a DMC, Hotelier, Airline, Tourist Board and in the MICE market. They have worked with creative agencies, media buyers, PR companies and reprentation companies. 

Jean-Marc flambert

Haitian / Sri Lanka born Jean Marc Flambert, the former director of the Sri Lanka and Saint Lucia Tourist boards respectively. Is a tourism marketing professional with a wide range of experiences, Jean Marc's work has been fundamental to the revival of the Sri Lanka tourist industry in the post tsunami period leading them to growth in the UK market. 

In addition he has played an integral role in developing the European market for Saint Lucia and is credited with increasing their interaction with the UK travel industry, carving out niche markets like the the luxury and birding market, as well as introducing new events such as Saint Lucia Showcase recognised by peers as industry firsts in the UK.

Since July 2014 he has been very active creating a UK tourism industry for Haiti. In less than one year 8 tour operators are selling, and over US$ 2m worth of publicity has been given to Haiti.   

He is also Vice-President, Sales and Marketing for the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority and is Deputy Chairman of the Association of National Tourist Office Representatives ( 

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Marketing Long Haul destinations, hotels & DMC's
Crisis management & recovery marketing
Partnership marketing
Building Strong Networks

Former Board Member / Director / Deputy Chair


Sales and Marketing UK & Europe


Director of Marketing, UK & Ireland

Director of Marketing UK & Europe




derek moore

After a brief career as a teacher Derek Moore worked for 13 years as a Tour Leader for various overland and safari companies before co-founding Explore Worldwide, one of the earliest adventure travel companies.

He was Operations Director at Explore for 20 years, developing itineraries and programmes in most parts of the world. After selling Explore he has spent part of his time running a new, albeit smaller, travel company, still specialising in adventure programmes around the world.

He is also Chairman of the Association of Independent Tour Operators ( ) and additionally now presents seminars on aspects of marketing and promoting tourism to lesser known parts of the world. In his spare time he plays golf and music, although accuracy is a feature of neither.


Training stakeholders to engage with tourism
Identifying potential products and bringing these to life
Identifying product gaps and quality issues
His has a strong network across the tourism industry and is often called upon as a spokesman in industry issues.  

Former Founding Director